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  • Monday, January 30, 2006

    12 weeks to go

    Ok, I'm now on the 12 week buildup to race day. The first run on the buildup schedule is 12km, but the route I ran was 13. It was a great run for two reasons, first it was warm and sunny (for january... 5 degrees) and second I ran along Glasgow street and saw a nice place for sale. Now I'm not going to get into the whole house buying deal that it seems that all of my friends are getting on (I'm not even finished paying of my car!). But I do want to mention this place. It looked great. Great enough that I looked it up (you can too, it is the only house for sale on glasgow st in kitchener). Of course, all that greatness comes at a price... (think Dr Evil) Two Million Dollars!!!


    At 7:32 AM, Blogger Patrick said...

    Dammit. It so shitty to see that even the KW housing market is overpriced.




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