• MennoMelange
  • Monday, October 31, 2005

    the horror

    Saturday's run: the horror hill 15km country road race. I felt pretty cold at the start... it was 10c and there was still plenty of frost in the shade. As for horror, there was a few decent hills, one killer hill, and one short steep hill at the end that may or may not have qualified as evil. Oh, and I walked past roadkill on the way to the starting line. My splits were all over the place. I averaged 5:14 per km, but my slowest was 6:00 and my fastest was 4:30. Amazingly the slowest km wasnt the one with the big hill in it, it was the first one. I am thinking that a lighter breakfast and maybe waking up earlier or doing more warmup could have helped that.

    Sat Oct 29. 15km 1:18:29 10c-12c sunny place: 50 out of 111.


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