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  • Saturday, December 03, 2005


    so, last week I followed my plan and had a total of about 21 or 22 km.
    So, this week's total should be around 24 ish.

    Monday am 2km
    Monday pm 7km
    Wednesday 30min bike
    Thursday pm 7km
    Friday 30 min bike

    and that comes to today... but I think I'm going to head out for around 10km. Heading into holiday season, i might not be able to get all the runs and cross training in, so i might end up staying at around 25km or even having a step down week in there somewhere... i dunno. we'll see.
    Part of the reason i want to go out for longer is to force me to go slower. When I went out last saturday, i was cold, and must have wanted to get it over with, so i went fast. which is ok for 8km, but as i start building up the distance, it'll kill me.

    anyway, out for the run.


    At 10:16 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

    you doing triathlon? sounds like it! let me know how its going... and I linked your blog from mine too.


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