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  • Tuesday, November 22, 2005


    Well, it seems that someone noticed. Thanks Pat.

    So, we left off with me having a hard time moving around, thanks to the 15k race... well folks, I'm about to do it again. Lets define about to: april. I'm getting ready for this: the waterloo half marathon. i hope i dont die.

    I've looked at lots of 'training schedules' and there are a ton of them out there on the net. Some of them dont look hard, eight weeks of running three or four times a week, to six months of running like mad. I havent really picked one, but I have picked out a few things that I'll do. First of all, most of the plans have a 'long run' on the weekend. The idea is to build up the distance in this long run, to get close to the race distance. The other thing that I am incorporating is the ten percent rule. This is a total distance guideline. Each week I sum up the distances of all my runs that week. Then, for the next week, I plan to have the total kms add up to that number plus ten percent.

    For example, last week:
    Monday am: 2km
    Monday pm: 6km
    Friday am: 5km
    Saturday pm: 6km
    Total: 19km.

    So, for this week, I should add 1.9 km to my plan.
    Monday am: 2km
    Monday pm: 6km
    Thursday pm: 6km
    Saturday am: 7km
    Total: 21 km.

    I've already done the monday stuff. My plan is to add to that saturday run every week, and I'll probably add more to the midweek stuff as well. Monday morning I run to the gym, and I am planning to go monday, wednesday and friday, so there is a possible 4 more km. (while there I'll do weights or cycle)

    In non-running news, we have a guy leaving our team at work, so if you know c++ and are looking, drop me a line. (of course, you'll have to know me, and what my email addr is. but that is a good filter)


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