• MennoMelange
  • Tuesday, February 06, 2007


    Stupid Caps Lock. This is the day for that. It took way too long for the coffee to clear the fog out of my head, and once it did, i realized that there was also coffee on my pants. Hopefully the day gets better from here.
    I dont need to tell you that Sunday was super bowl day. And thus, super bowl party day. We put together a decent spread of beer, salty snacks, pizza and chili. The HD projector was working well, but the HD cable box started to fade in the 4th quarter. Technical difficulties drove us to other amusements (oh internet, what would we ever do without you). Of course when one of the party attendees admitted she was in a scream-core band (or some such made up genre) it prompted a my space quest and the best comment of the evening, delivered with a chuckle... "Get many Gigs?"
    It was my sentiment exactly, but put together in a somewhat more tactful guise than I would have managed. But he would know. He is in the industry.


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