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  • Tuesday, March 13, 2007

    Simon part 2

    A follow up to the last post, about the suspension handed out to Mr. Simon. At 25 games (or the rest of their season and playoffs, whichever is longer), it is the longest suspension ever handed out, but only by 2 games. The previous longest was a 23 game suspension given to Marty McSorley for hitting Brashear. But we should also note that McSorley never played in the NHL again, and was found guilty of assault with a weapon and given 18 months probation.
    Simon's coach, Ted Nolan, is continuing to stand behind his player, and maybe that is the right move for a coach. But the front office has to take a hard look at this. They are now paying about $80,000 of salary for a player that they're not getting, because of a bad choice he made. He is also a 1 million dollar player who isn't able to contribute to the team down the playoff stretch. He also took a bad penalty and shortened the bench in a fairly critical game. All reasons why we might see him looking for work as a free agent this summer, and if justice is served, nobody picks him up.


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